J & S Cafeteria
No specials.
J&S Cafeteria - Hickory, Inc., Hickory, N.C.
1940 13th Avenue Drive SE
Hickory, NC  28601
Phone: 828-326-8926
Manager: ROBERT

Hours: Mon.-Thur. 10:45 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri.& Sat. 7:00 AM - 10:30 AM, 10:45 AM-8:30 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM-10:30 AM, 10:45 AM-8:00 PM

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Lunch Menu for Saturday 2/25/2012


   Creamed Corn
   Mashed Potatoes
   Roasted Potatoes
   Yam Souffle
   Pinto Beans
   Green Beans
   Fried Okra
   Collard Greens
   White Rice
   Broccoli Casserole
   Macaroni and Cheese
   Buttered Carrots


   Apple Pie
   Apple Dumpling
   Cheese Cake
   Cheese Cake with Fruit Topping
   Chocolate Cream Pie
   Chocolate Fudge Cake
   Coconut Cream Pie
   Egg Custard Pie
   Pumpkin Pie
   Strawberry Short Cake
   Sugar Free Pie of the Day
   Strawberry Pie


   Beet Salad
   Broccoli and Cauliflower
   Carrot and Raisin
   Cucumber and Tomato
   Spinach Salad
   Cole Slaw
   Tossed Salad
   Seven Layer Salad
   Sliced Tomatoes
   Chef Salad
   Congealed Salad
   Caesar Salad


   Corn Bread
   Corn Stick
   Soft Roll
   Garlic Bread
   Mexican Corn Bread
   Herb Roll
   Wheat Roll
   Hush Puppies


   Fountain Drinks
   Milk 1/2 PT.
   Fountain Soft Drinks
   Hot Tea
   Decaffeinated Tea


   Roast Turkey and Dressing
   Chopped Steak 6oz.
   Country Style Steak
   Stuffed Bell Pepper
   Roast Beef
   Baked Spaghetti
   Chicken Drumstick
   Chicken Liver
   Chicken Pan Pie
   White Fried Chicken
   Dark Fried Chicken
   Grilled Chicken Breast w/Vegs
   Chicken Fingers
   Fried Whitefish
   Broiled Tilapia
   Chopped Steak - 4 oz.
All items subject to change due to customer demand.